9 things a first time buyer looks for

  1. Recalls his childhood desire to own a patch of plot or apartment that he can call his own
  2. Wonders if this is the right time to buy the property or would it be w1iser to wait
  3. Thinks of all the risks associated with buying the property – the bulk payment, the EMIs and the sky rocketing interest
  4. Goes back to day-dreaming and imagining his life in his newly discovered find
  5. Imagines how the perception of others about him will change if he suddenly is a home owner
  6. Wonders what his peers think of the property he has chosen. What would the value of the property be 5 years from now?
  7. Thinks of the tax implications associated with buying the property
  8. Quickly browses the advertisement to make sure it suits his lifestyle needs – does it have a park for his children, a gym for his expanding waistline
  9. Does a check to see if he has enough funds to afford the property

The point though is, does this first time buyer have all the information he needs? Can he really make a decision that’ll probably set him back a few lakhs at minimum without due – dilligence.  It would make sense for any buyer, in this predicament, to approach a channel partner, like Metroplots, who can help him with real estate advice, help him asses other options within his budget and preferances, and also faciliate interaction with builders and help get the best deals for their customers. Metroplots assigns to the buyer a personal real estate advisor who will be with the first time buyer through his journey of  turning a  ’property’ to a ‘home for the buyer’


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